Service Update announcement - 30, March 2016

We're so excited to show you the new Mobizen 3.0 mobile experience!
You can record, edit, share videos for FREE!

[Update date]
30 March. 05:00~10:00

New and Improved UI
* View video and screen captures all in one place.
* Read recorded video info.
* User-friendly icon
* Faster response in menu and settings navigation

Faster and Easier screen recording & capture
* Start recording in just 1 second
* Recording Wizard: auto-adjust to the optimum resolution
* Remove watermark option
* Added option for countdown
* YouTube VJ mode: include youself in the video with PIP
* Switch the shape (circle, square) and size of the front camera
* Record and view option added.
* Lighter (smaller) file size

More Editing features
* Split video
* Extract scene/image
* Add BGM
* Edit, Share, Delete available for any contents.
* Select multiple file from the playlist for delete.

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