Learn about the Mobizen settings

Learn the basics of Mobizen Recording settings

Mobizen allows the user to access all the settings. Through this, users can create the video content as they desire.


Getting to know the menu

  1. Recording resolution

The recording resolution defines the screen size of the video and the total pixels contained in each frame. The higher the resolution, the better the quality, but the video size and CPU usage increases. Users can select from 240p to 1440p (2k) depending on the device's capabilities.


※ Mobizen pre-selects the best option based on the device. Record the videos with optimized settings.


  1. Recording quality

Recording quality is measured in megabit per second and defines how many pixels are displayed during playback. Higher bps requires more RAM and memory while playing. Select from 0.5Mbps to 12Mbps according to the device's capabilities.



  1. Number of frames

Frame rate defines the number of frames captured per second. The higher the frame rate, the smoother the motion of the video. However, the file size increases exponentially. Choose from 5 to 60 fps depending on the device's capabilities.mobizen_settings3.PNG

※ In this case, we recommend usinf the 'Auto' option as it is a technology unique to Mobizen that automatically adjusts the frame to minimize the lags.


  1. Recording Wizard

If the recording does not work properly even with the above settings, use the recording wizard to find the optimized values for the device.



  1. Clean Mode

When "Clean Mode" is used, users can record a clean screen. With clean mode activated, users can record their own screen except for other functions supported by Mobizen.

Learn more about Clean Mode



  1. Record Sound

Most users want to record sound, but some may not. Turn "Record Sound" on or off to select whether to include the sound. "Internal sound" recording is available from Android OS 10 or higher.



  1. Air Circle shape (recording widget)

Users can record, capture, or access Mobizen video and settings through the Air Circle. However, if users want a neat recording, after starting to record they can change the transparency or set to custom image or logo. This option can be found in Air Circle option.



  1. Facecam

Mobizen can show the user's face through the front camera when recording. Choose between square or round frame. Also, drag the corner to set to the desired size.



  1. Watermark

Mobizen provides a watermark removal option. It is available to Mobizen Premium users only.

Furthermore, users can create their own watermarks to protect their content.



  1. Countdown

Countdown gives users the ability to get ready before starting to record. Users can choose from disabled to 10 seconds.



  1. Draw

When recording with Mobizen, users can use the "draw" option to highlight the part they want with a brush, laser pointer, or shape. Start easily by pressing the Air Circle.

Learn more about Draw



  1. Display Time

Display Time allows users to control the length of the video by displaying the recording time. Enable the option from the Mobizen menu.



  1. Storage location

Mobizen allows the video to be stored in the 1. internal storage (storage method in smart devices) or 2. external storage (SD card).


  1. Language

Users can select the display language of Mobizen.mobizen_settings14.PNG

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