How to Activate Facecam

Create an Interactive Broadcast with Facecam

Mobizen Live allows you to show your reactions to make for an interactive broadcast that activates your viewers. Experiment with the ways you can incorporate Facecam in your stream.


Follow the Steps

Mobizen Live's Facecam Feature is located in Settings before streaming and in the aircircle while streaming. Mobizen Live's Facecam has many uses.


Before Streaming

You can access the Facecam feature through the Settings menu before streaming. Access the Settings page by going from Log-in Screen > Selecting Screen or Camera Live > Settings. Here you can toggle the Facecam on/off and start your broadcast.


During Streaming

Mobizen Live allows you to turn on/off the Facecam while streaming. Access the camera during your broadcast by pressing the aircircle > press the camera icon.

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