To Maximize Mobizen Auto Tap


How to Use the Screen Auto Tap in the Best Way


Menu bar

  • Enable/Disable Auto Tap: Start launching the Auto Tap
  • Add Tap Point: Add new entries to click the screen
  • Add Swiping Point: Add a swiping action on the entry
  • Remove Tap Point: Delete entries that are not in use
  • Hide Tap Point: Hide entries exposed on the screen
  • Cycle and Interval Settings: Set action cycle and interval times
  • Resize the Menu Bar: Hide and show the menu bamaximize_mobizen_auto_tap.PNG

Tap Point Settings 

    • Press and hold a tap point to set the time delay.
    • 1. ms - min: 40 / max: 9999 (Setting the time delay to 40ms or below may cause problems with the terminal.)
      2. sec - min: 1 / max: 9999
      3. min - min: 2 / max: 9999
    • Set the [Long Press] function and its corresponding time.
      (Min 1s ~ max 99s can be set)
    • Drag the tap point to move the set position.


Swiping Point Settings

  • Press and hold a swiping point to set the time delay.
  • Drag the swiping point to move the set position.


  • The swiping direction can be set only in a straight line (see image below.)
  • The swiping direction may be set diagonally in some game screens.


Cycle and Interval Times Settings 

  • Set the cycle in the menu bar.
  • Settings for Unlimited/ Time Limit/ Repeat are available.
  • Time Limit can be set up to milliseconds with a timer.
  • Repeat can be set up to 9,999 times.



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