What is Mobizen Auto Tap?

What is Mobizen Auto Tap?

The Newly Launched ‘Mobizen Auto Tap’ 


Mobizen Auto Tap is a feature that allows you to automatically touch a set point while playing a game or recording a video. Now enjoy even greater convenience with the Mobizen Auto Tap app!


What are the features?

  • Auto Tap: Focus more on the recording by automatically tapping a specific button or menu when recording a game or video.
  • Auto Swiping: Focus more on the recording by swiping the PDF or web browser screen you are viewing when recording a lecture or seminar. 
  • Record Gestures : Create custome gestures, not only straight lines or tapping points. Set up any gesture, including curves and shapes.
  • Image Recognition : Save specific images to automatically tap them. Images cannot be recognized on solid color background.
  • Text Recognition : Similar to how image recognition works, text is also recognized and automatically tapped. Apply them for OK or Next buttons, and more.



Required Permissions

  • Accessbility Services API
    • Permissions are required for Accessibility Services API to perform features like Auto Tap and Auto Swiping.
    • Any personal data are not collected and/or stored using Accessibility Services features.
  • Accessibility Permissions
    • Accessibility permissions must be allowed to use Auto Tap and Auto Tap. 
    • Select [Settings] > [Accessibility] > [Installed Apps] > [☆Mobizen Auto☆] to enable Accessibility permissions.
  • Drawing Permissions
    • Allow Draw over other apps permission to enable virtual button.
  • Note
    • Allow the above permissions to enable Auto Tap and Auto Swiping.



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