Mobizen Live Settings Help

Find out what settings Mobizen Live provides
and choose which ones you would like to use

Mobizen Live supports many features that allow you to customize your broadcast to match your needs.



Access the Settings page by going from Log-in Screen > Selecting Screen or Camera Live > Settings. Here you can mix and match from a elaborate list of Mobizen Live Features.


Live Settings

  1. Facecam - Toggle on/off your front facing camera
  2. Resolution - Choose Auto or designate specific
  3. Video Status- Choose between Private, Public and Unlisted
  4. Share - Share your live broadcast link on social media



  1. Account Information - Shows active account
  2. Terms of Use - Read more about our Terms of Use
  3. Privacy Policy - Read more about our Privacy Policy
  4. Help Center - Find answers to your questions
  5. Beta Review - Leave us your feedback
  6. Log Out - Log out of your Google Account
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