What is Booster mode?

Learn more about Booster Mode

Booster Mode is a special feature that allows unsupported devices to record your video. Find more about this in the video below.


Why do I need Booster Mode?

Booster Mode is required on some smartphone/tablet with OS version prior to 5.0 for Mobizen to be able to record and capture screen.

Visit Mobizen's website on your PC, download Booster mode and connect the phone to the PC to enable it.


How to Activate Booster Mode

  1. “Activate Booster mode”
    Tap on the pop-up for Booster mode when Mobizen app is launched.

  2. “We need a PC”
    Connect the mobile device (phone/tablet) to the PC using the USB cable that came with the phone and tap “Yes, I have”.

  3. “Step 1”
    Following the instruction, press “Check Debugging” to enable DEVELOPER OPTIONS > USB DEBUGGING.

  4. “Step 2”
    From the PC, visit www.mobizen.com, download the Booster Engine and install it.

  5. “Final step”
    From the PC, launch the Engine and follow the instruction to complete the installation.

  6. “Completed”
    Press “Done” to finish.


Booster mode MUST be re-enabled if (a) smartphone/tablet has been restarted or (b) Mobizen app has been updated.


Are you reading this on your smartphone?

Booster mode requires a PC to be activated. Make sure to connect the phone/tablet to the PC via USB cable.

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