Grant Permission Pop-up / Start Now Button Cannot be Pressed

Find out why you can not press Start Now

This particular problem can stem for two reasons. Either you pressed "Cancel" on the Grant Permission Pop-up or you can not press your screen when that pop-up is shown.


How to Solve this Problem

1. Pressing "Cancel" on the Grant Permission Pop-up Solution

After installing the app, launch and press RECORD. Tap on 'START NOW' when permission request is prompted.



※ NOTE! What if the message does not show up? If the message does not show up because of the "Don't show again" box being checked, then REINSTALL the Mobizen app.


2. Start Now Button Cannot be Pressed Solution

If you cannot touch Mobizen screen, please either turn OFF OR Force Stop OR Uninstall your Blue Light/ Screen Filter. This will solve the touch problems you are experiencing with Mobizen.


Turning off your Blue Light/ Screen Filter App

  • How to Turn OFF: Check in the drop-down menu> Turn the Filter Status to OFF> Start Mobizen



Force Stop or Uninstalling your Blue Light/Screen Filter

  • How to Force Stop/Uninstall: Device Settings >Applications > Force Stop or Uninstall your Blue Light or Screen Filter > Start Mobizen



If you have done both of these steps and are still unable to touch your overlay while using Mobizen, reset app preferences.

  • Device Settings > APPS > Press your MENU button and click "Reset App Preferences" > When the pop up appears, select "Reset Apps"



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