(9100, 9200) Why do I get a 9100, 9200 error?

Find out what these errors are

and how you can solve them

The 9100, 9200 error occurs when there is a problem with the engine bind. There are ways to solve this depending on your device.

How to Solve for OS 5.0 and lower

1. Restart

  • A temporary error might occur during the operation.
  • Close Mobizen completely and restart the device.

2. Booster Mode

  • Non-Samsung device users with Android 5.0 or lower should use Booster mode to fix this issue.
  • To find out more about Booster Mode, click here.

How to Solve for OS higher than 5.0

1. Update

  • Get the latest version of Mobizen that has the error fixed.

2. If the error persists ...

  • In this case, it might be related to this device in particular. Contact us back with the device's model number and OS version.

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