How to Solve not Being Able to Install (Error 24/-24)

Error Code 24 or -24 is not a Mobizen Error. Rather, it is a Google PlayStore error that occurs when there is a problem loading or downloading an app.

Follow the 7 step process supplied by Google in order to solve the problem.


Google Play Store 7-Step Fix to Error Code 24


Step 1: Restart your Device

  • Once you restarted your device, try to download the app.

Step 2: Update the Date and Time on your Device

  • Device Settings> Select Date and Time> Uncheck “Automatic date & time”> Manually change the date and time to a wrong> Go to the home screen then go back to Settings, Date & Time, Fix the time and date to be correct and re-check “Automatic date & time”

Step 3: Clear Cache and Data

  • Device Settings> Apps or Application Manager> Google PlayStore> Clear Cache> Clear data> Go back and select Downloads or Download Manager> Clear Cache> Clear data.



Step 4: Reinstall PlayStore Updates

  • Device Settings> Apps or Application Manager> Google PlayStore> Uninstall updates> Go to Google PlayStore app and download the latest version.


Step 5: Install System Updates

Step 6: Turn on Download Manager

  • Device Settings> Apps or Application Manager> Download Manager> Enable

Step 7: Check your Device’s Available Storage


If following this process still does not solve the problem, please refer to Google PlayStore for more help.


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