What is 'Allow Mobizen to access 1. Storage, 2. Camera, 3. Microphone permissions?' pop-up message?

A pop-up message asking for permissions will appear on devices with Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) to allow Mobizen to Record, Capture, Storage, Settings and Edit.


How to Allow Mobizen the Proper Permissions

In order to use all the features that Mobizen brings you, users must 'Allow' all permission requests.


1. Allow Mobizen to access your storage.



2. Allow Mobizen to access your camera



3. Allow Mobizen to access your microphone.



Oops! What if I have already pressed 'Deny'?

Go to Settings > enable 'Microphone, Storage, Camera' permission.




  • Mobizen will work as intended only if permissions to Storage, Camera and Microphone are allowed.

  • In case the permission pop-up is not shown, try disabling "Blue Screen Filter" and try again. (Learn more >)

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