How to Record Gestures

How to Record Gestures

This is a user guide for gesture recording. 




Gesture recording automates taps and swipes based on the custom gestures the users create. In the Mobizen app, easily access the Gesture Recording button in the menu bar. 


What is gesture recording?

  • Create your own gestures on the screen. Record and save all sort of automatic gestures.
  • Try different types of gestures, including straight lines, curves, and shapes. Possibly in any form.



How to use this feature?

- Create custom gestures

  • Gesture recording menu bar: Done/Refresh/Exit buttons
    • Done - After creating a gesture, click the button to save.
    • Refresh- Reset the current gesture to original state.
    • Exit - Finish the gesture recording.
  • Move : Hold the tapping point to move the entire gesture to the desired location.
    • Gestures cannot be moved off-screen.


Save custom gestures

- Save a script

  • Save the gestures by tapping the [Save Script] button on the menu bar. The saved gestures can be launched automatically in any app.
  • If you exit the app without saving the script, it won't be saved on relaunch. Save the script to reuse the images you set.
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