How to Use Image Recognition

How to Use Image Recognition

This is a user guide for image recognition.


The image recognition allows users to scan captured and saved images to automatically tap the area when the image appears on the screen. On the Mobizen app, simply tap Image Recognition in the menu bar.


What is image recognition?

  • To use the image recognition function, allow "capture permission” on Mobizen. Grand permission in the [Capture Permission] pop-up.
  • Select the area in the image to scan and save. When the saved image appears on the screen, the image is automatically tapped.



How to use this feature?

- To detect images

  • Menu Bar : Done/Delete/Exit buttons
    • Done - After scanning, click the button to finish.
    • Refresh - Reset the current position and size of the selected area.
    • Exit - Close the function.


  • Save image pop-up window
    • Redo - Return to previous task and restart the function.
    • Save - The image will be saved as a temporary file and added to the list of scanned images.


  • Note
    • Images cannot be recognized on solid color background. Try not to include solid colored areas when scanning.
    • The screen cannot rotate automatically when scanning is in progress.
    • The image file will continue to scan until tapping actions are stopped, regardless of the order of the tapping points.
    • If the battery drains fast while scanning, try changing the scan cycle and interval in the Settings.이미지인식3.PNG


Image list

  • After detecting the image, click the button in the image above to see the temporary files in the list. (To save, tap the 'Save script’ button)
  • Change the order of the images in the list by holding and dragging the reorder button (at the right bottom of each image file).
  • Delete the saved file in the list by clicking Delete (at the left bottom of each image file)



Save scanned image files

- Save a script

  • Save scanned images by tapping the [Save Script] button on the menu bar. The saved images can be launched automatically in any app.
  • If you exit the app without saving the script, it won't be saved on relaunch. Save the script to reuse the images you set.



Image recognition action settings

- Scan action settings

  • Set the scan time delay and cycle time delay by tapping the Settings button at the top right.
  • Scan time delay : Min 0.5 seconds / Max 1.5 seconds
  • Cycle time delay : Min 1 second / Max : 10 seconds
  • The settings will not be saved if you cancel. Save configuration to apply.
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