Why is my device sound/audio not recorded?

Learn why your recording does not have sound

Mobizen records and captures the sound from your device through the device's microphone. Here is why you are not obtaining sound and how to fix the problem.


Audio Configurations

Sound will not be included if:

  • Volume is muted or too low.
  • Speaker is turned off or disabled.
  • Headset/earphones are plugged into the device.

※ If you use/have plugged in earphones to the device, sound will not be included in the recording even though the option is turned ON.


How to Include Audio in your Recording?

There are a few ways to include audio in your recording.

  • Increase your device's volume.
  • Turn ON or enable speaker output.
  • Unplug or remove headset/earphones.
  • Use the Mobizen X Gameduck Earphones.

If you are experiencing static noise, click here to find out more.

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