(Mobizen Screen Recorder) Can I record only the internal sound?

Find out how to Record Internal Sound

Currently, there is no screen recording app that can record internal sound directly due to Android policy.


Why can't I record the internal sound?

  • Due to the Android OS policy, we cannot provide an internal sound recording service through the app.
  • Mobizen is developing a different way to record internal sound, and applied it to ① Mobizen for Samsung App and ② Mobizen for LG App.

Mobizen for Samsung Download>

Mobizen for LG Download>


How to record micro game sound

  • Activate the audio option through the Mobizen App > Menu > Record Settings > Audio Record > ON.
  • However, if you record the game sound directly with a microphone, noise may get included. Use a stereo recorder to capture clearer sound. (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B085XNWKS7?ref=myi_title_dp)

Configuring audio recording option


To correctly record game sound

  1. Remove the earphones if plugged in and record the game broadcast.
  2. Turn off the device silent mode.
  3. Adjust the volume of the game sound appropriately.
  4. Record the internal sound using Mobizen and Stereo Recorder (M2)


Best way to record internal sound

Mobizen and Stereo Recorder (M2) is the first combination to record the mobile internal sound without noise. You can record your own voice as well as the internal sound recording at the same time, allowing more flexible communication with your chanel subscribers.

Best way to record internal sound


Mobizen X Stereo Recorder (M2) provides 3 recording modes.

  1. Microphone recording mode - Hear the game sound like normal earphones and only record your own voice.
  2. Internal sound recording mode - Record the internal sound without any external noise.
  3. Internal sound + microphone recording mode - Record internal sound and your own voice.


Earphones can be purchased from the Mobizen Shop page (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B085XNWKS7?ref=myi_title_dp).



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