Learn more about the quality controls in Mobizen


Mobizen allows you to have control over the quality of video you would like to record. Please be aware that not all phones will have the ability to record in the highest quality.





There are three factors that will affect your video's overall quality:

  1. Resolution: This defines the screen size of the video and the total pixels included in each frame. Higher resolution yields better quality but results in larger video sizes and more CPU usage. Select from 240p to 1080p depending on your device's capabilities.
  2. Quality: Video quality is measured by megabytes per second and defines how many pixels are shown during playback. Higher Mbps requires more RAM and memory while being played. Select from 0.5Mbps to 12 Mbps depending on your device's capabilities.
  3. FPS: This defines how many frames should per captured per second. The higher the frame rate, the more smoother the movements in the video will be. However, the file size will increase exponentially. Select from 5 to 60 FPS depending on your device's capabilities.

You can see your changes in the quality of the sample picture.


TIP! What is the correct recording settings?

Everyone would like to make their video quality the best that is available, but unfortunately not all phones are created equal. Selecting a video quality that is compatible with your devices capabilities to have a lag free, crisp and clean picture. This will also stop breaking, crashing and other abnormal behavior.

To help with this problem, we have added the "Recording Wizard" which analyzes your device and chooses the optimal settings for your device.

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