Find out more about the Recording Wizard

The Recording Wizard is a special feature available only on Mobizen and in no other recording app. It analyzes your device and adjusts the settings with the most compatible resolution, quality and fps. The Recording Wizard helps to resolve issues such as “broken screen”, “faded color”, “app crash” and more.


Launching Recording Wizard

1. Automatic Launch

  • Download & install Mobizen app > Tap “Start” on the pop-up message > Done.

2. Manual launch

  • Launch Mobizen app > Settings > Tap “Start Recording Wizard” > Tap “Start” on the pop-up message> Done.



In Case of an Error…

If the Recording Wizard could not complete the analysis and terminated before completing configuration, then use the Compatibility report to send us your information. We will do our best to make it compatible.

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