What is a drawing mode?

Drawing mode for highlighting

When recording with Mobizen, users can "draw" on the screen to highlight the part with a brush, laser pointer, or figure.

Start by pressing the Air Circle.

  • Tap the section to emphasize during recording through the laser pointer and shape.
  • Freely draw with a brush.
  • Set the color and undo at anytime.


How to use Drawing mode

  1. Tap on the Air Circle and select the Drawing mode.
  2. When the drawing bar is shown, select the desired option.
  3. Freely draw on the screen marking the place to emphasize.____2_.PNG

※ When using Drawing mode, Clean mode is automatically disabled.

  • Clean mode cannot be used when Drawing mode is enabled. It can be used only when there is nothing displayed on the recorded screen as this is to improve recording performance. Likewise, Drawing mode cannot be used while Clean mode is enabled. Clean mode will be deactivated if Drawing mode, Air Circle, front camera (face cam), watermark, and time display is activated.

What is the recording in Clean mode?

No additional option (Drawing mode, Air Circle, front camera (face cam), watermark, time display, etc.) is displayed on the screen to improve performance and obtain cleaner recording.

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