How do I get rid of the Air Circle?

Learn how to disable the aircircle

The Aircircle has all the controls you need to start recording videos, capturing screenshots, or accessing your Mobizen videos and settings. However, sometimes it can be distracting during a recording. You can choose whether or not you would like the Aircircle.

Disabling the Aircircle

  1. Navigate through your Mobizen Settings to the Aircircle options.
  2. Here, toggle ON/OFF the aircircle.

Clean Recording Mode

Clean mode not only takes away the aircircle, it gives you an absolutely clean screen by disabling touch points, watermark, recording time, and facecam features.

  1. Navigate to Clean Recording mode by accessing the Mobizen Settings tab.
  2. Here, toggle ON/OFF Clean Recording Mode.

Difference Between Disabling Aircircle and Clean Recording Mode

Clean Recording Mode

  • Allows you to record with a clean screen by disabling the Aircircle, Watermark, Recording time, Front Camera (Facecam, PiP) features all at once.

Disabling Air Circle

  • Allows you to record while only disabling the Air Circle and you can manually choose which other features(Watermark, Recording time, Front Camera) you would like to disable.

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